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[Youngran Lee] Click {korean}


Click (manhwa)

Art & story: Youngran Lee
Shoujo, romance, gender bender
8 vol (complete)

Licensed by:

Plot summary:

Joonha is a normal, healthy boy of sixteen who has cruised through life without too many problems. Imagine his surprise when a recent trip to the bathroom suddenly reveals that he's not normal at all! With a shriek of "Oh, my God!!!", he finds himself missing, well, something he never thought he could live without. The impact is too much for poor Joonha and he soon passes out. While in his half-conscious state, he overhears the incredible truth: his family is abnormal in the weirdest possible way. After puberty, their chromosomes undergo some kind of mutation, which converts their bodies into the opposite sex! Which means his father is really a woman who has been living as a man since the gene change took place. Now Joonha has to leave behind 16 years of life as a man and live as a woman. What will his childhood friend Jinhoo and the girl he has always liked, Heewon, say when they find out?!

click vol 01-08 + ch.01-04 in english

(Vol 01) (Vol 02) (Vol 03) (Vol04) (Vol 05) (Vol 06) (Vol 07) (Vol 08)

English scans:
( Chapter 01 )
( Chapter 02 ) ( Chapter 03 ) ( Chapter 04 )
** upload first 4 chapter from netcomics for you to know what happens in the story. This is an interesting manhwa. However, I won't update english scans.


Thanks for click I'll take it. ^^
It seems interesting! Thank you very much for sharing!!



thanks so much for sharing this manga. sounds interesting



Thanks for sharing this. Although the concept isn't very original, I suppose it's the characters that matter in the end.
beloved sister, I cann't download anyfile from those above link! Would you re-upload for me? Anyway, Thank you for sharing! XD It's interesting story.
ok, re-up. Sorry, I'm crazily busy these days. School is horrible ^^"
HI, Woul it be too much to ask, if you could upload the Click Vols. I've followed the story on Netcomics but its just too slow in coming. I would really really love you very much if you could. (or point me somewhere else I could fine them?) Thanks a bunch!
re-up. enjoy it ^^
OMG thank you so much for reuploading. I will get my boyfried to dig up his korean heritage from the grave and put it to good use just to translate these for me. I love this story. You are just so kind!
Thank-you for sharing!
this manhwa sounds interesting but the links doesn't seem to be working

can you please reupload it. thankx ^_^
I been reading this on netcomics, is pretty good. Please the link for vol 8 doesn't work can you reupload it. Thank you
Thanks for sharing the RAWs for Click. I really enjoyed the scanlation made by other groups and I can't wait to read the rest ^^. So I just have to wait for them while I read the raws.

Keep up the good work, take care and well i think it's not late to say this now... Happy New Year!


hi! the download link doesn't work anymore... could you pls upload them again? thank you very much! ^_^
I was so glad to find the download, but the link doesnt work. Can you re upload again Please?